24 Hours Edmonton - 2 Aug 2013

Table of content - 24 Hours Edmonton (2 Aug 2013)

She isn’t blue, but you might be
Cowell named in divorce filing
Alouettes give Hawkins the boot
weather forecast
Young at heart
Energy East pipeline go
‘High-risk’ thieves testing danger, stealing wire
Record coke bust
Website operator back out on bail
World’s youngest VAD patient
Recovery efforts end in Lac-megantic
Killer Paul Bernardo staying in maximum security: Minister
Babies given away on TV
Life plus 1,000 years
Berlusconi appeal denied
Lowe, Jones set to leave Parks and Rec
Well, the kids will like it
The Smurfs 2
A buddy cop flick that hits the mark
The Smurfs 2 2 Guns
Bieber phones in ‘another sold-out concert’ in nj
Cowell named in his friend’s divorce papers
Congrats, Ke$ha, you can officially no longer shock us
These kids clearly didn’t BMX jump far from the tree
You heard the president — go read some real News
Originals gives vamps new blood
Glee will face Monteith’s death head-on in episode
Hawkins not up to Als’ standard
Canada’s Armstrong awarded medal
Russia plans on enforcing ‘gay propaganda’ ban
Your birthday today

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